Holiday shopping can feel like a race. Some people shop slow and steady and others shop in a sprint toward the end of the season. No matter which camp you’re in, we’ve got a quick guide to give you a place to start from and a place to go.

Comfy and cozy
Scarves are possibly the easiest gift to give and to get. Who doesn’t need at least one more? Especially during a season where we’re wearing them day in and day out. Whether you’re looking for a plaid-patterned scarf that’s as thick as a blanket or a polka-dotted one with a bit of pom-pom detailing, we’ve got you covered.

It’s all in the details
The saying “everything in moderation” doesn’t apply when it comes to accessories. That’s why earrings are one of the first gifts we recommend for those who are feeling lost or just need that one extra gift to up their gift game. This season, we’re loving this hammered brass pair by Joya. The bright brass color of mixed with the cool-colored moonstone makes for a good match with just about anything in your mom’s, sister’s, daughter’s, or friend’s wardrobe.


From the ground up
Beekman 1802 products are the bees knees when it comes to skincare. We’re loving their Farm to Skin lip balms and their Lump of Kohl detox bars. They’re fun stocking stuffers and there’s something in the collection for just about anyone on your list.

Embrace the embellishment
During this dreary season of dimmer days and darker nights, it’s easy to keep pulling black or navy out of your closet every morning. It’s okay, we do it too. But we’re breaking out of the habit this season with embellished denim, like those pictured above dotted with pearls. It’s a way to still wear those versatile colors, but keep your look festive. We highly recommend them as a fun gift for the women on your list (or as a gift to you!).

Slip into style
Tis the season to live in cozy comfort and style. One of the top gifts on our list are these slipper socks with funky pom-poms. They’re perfect for a day of lounging around the house, with a cup of hot cocoa or coffee in hand.


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