Power to the pom poms this season. We’re not talking about the ones that cartwheeling cheerleaders carry. We’re talking about the mini ones you’re probably seeing on the newest hats, shoes, bags, jeans, bracelets, etc. Between that, the tassels and the rickrack trim, summer style is all in the details. We feature pom pom clothing and accessories at both Lifestyles of Saratoga & Caroline and Main this season!

Whether you’re still on the fence about the trend or you’re already on board with it, we’ve got more than a few ways to wear and pair it.

Why We Love It

  • Even though it’s trending, there’s a sense of nostalgia to it that draws in people from across all ages. Everyone seems to have some memory of either making something with pom poms when they were kids or wearing them years ago. It makes the trend feel both comforting and chic.
  • Pedal to the pom pom! They can go on anything and everything. There’s no reason to limit yourself to having them only on your cuffs or as a trim detail.  
  • Or take it slow. You don’t have to go all out; mix in one or two on a beach bag or maybe a pair of sandals to add detail. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the trend.



Wear and Pair

Sandals and Sun: We’ve got you covered from head to toe. Take your favorite pair of jeans (we’re loving the Eileen Fisher capris this season) and plain t-shirt or tank. Slip into a pair of our pom-pom-topped sandals and top it off with our pom-pom-dotted sun hat.


Shift into the trend: Throw on one of our pom-pom-spotted wraps from the Randi and Will Collection. Whether you’re looking for a loud print, something more subtle or a solid color that you can bring with you into the fall season, there’s something in the collection for you. For this look, we’re loving the wraps with hints of navy. Throw it over the shift dress and you’re ready to go with pom poms and tassels in tow.


Go all out:
To kick things up a notch, try the navy blue Michael Stars shirt with vibrant pink pom pom cuffs on the sleeves. We’ve also got it in black and white if you lean towards a more classic style. Pair it with white denim and our pom-pom-topped slip-on sandals. To complete the look, grab one of our beach bags that are either lined with pom poms or have only one or two that add a bit of color. Your look won’t be overwhelmed with pom poms, but they’ll certainly add some great pops of color for summer.

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