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What we love to wear when it drizzles:

A jacket that can outwit the weather
Look for waterproof yet breathable fabrics, taped seams, soft linings, hoods, preferably removable, functional features like zip and snap closures and elasticized drawstrings, stash-able for warmer weather and when you are traveling. (A little, matching stash bag for my packable coat makes me feel like I’ve got it all together-shhhhhh!)
Avoid jackets that look the part but cannot handle the work load.

Ankle-length or mid-calf rain boot!
A mid height or ankle boot allows for ease of movement, a lighter weight and no pesky worries about calf-size-too big? too small? (Hey we ALL have our issues)  Plus your little piggies won’t get too sweaty when the sun comes out and the temp jumps up a few degrees! Look for 100% hardwearing rubber, enhance tread grip, side buckles and a one-year guarantee!! (heck yea’)  Keep them looking great and wearing well with “Buffer Up” welly spray – WELLworth the $12.95 price tag.  
Avoid tall boots with poorly fitted leg openings (think of that cold, slushy rain running down your leg-ugh!) avoid boots that are difficult to get on and off, boots with a lining that takes a long time to dry out and boots without a decent heel and tread.

A fun umbrella!
YOLO! Life is too short to carry a black umbrella! Go for Trendy here, a fun cactus print bubble with a pop of pink, stripes, polka-dots, color, floral, anything goes!

Dark or black skinny jeans or leggings 
Dark fabric and denim will hide water spots. 
Avoid wearing wide-leg trousers or any bottom with a lot of fabric that can soak up water or drag in a puddle. 

Small neckerchief 
A neckerchief will keep droplets from falling down your back and will help to keep you warm. 
Avoid long flowing scarves that can get tangled in your umbrella or blown into your face when the wind picks up (as you’re crossing the street with your umbrella in one hand and latte in the other)

Vegan leather or coated bag or tote
This can be a fun pop of color on a gray day!  
Avoid leather and suede. . . remember how stressed you were trying NOT to ruin your favorite bag when you were caught in that rain storm? (I have been know to shove an expensive bag up my shirt to keep it safe!!)  Silly, leave it home safe and dry!!

Layer, Layer, Layer!
Start with a super soft tank, add your favorite shirting and finish with a Breton Stripe! Our go-to for transition weather is a tencel/denim shirting. It dries quickly, drapes beautifully and layers easily.
Avoid anything that takes forever to dry out, silks or delicate fabrics that might get water stained or snagged. Save those for the perfect sunny days ahead!

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