This season, it’s all about the cuff. Whether it’s a simple and frayed one or bold and embroidered, an extra bit of detail can freshen your look and bring it into the next season. We’re not just talking about jean cuffs either. This season’s bell-sleeved tops with cascading cuffs or bold patterns are the perfect way to bring the trend upward and onward.


Why We Love It

  • Cuffs count: It’s such an easy way to turn any humdrum jeans-and-t-shirt look into something unique that says “simple yet elegant” or “boho-chic.”
  • Fashionably flared: It’s not just in the jeans. We love an intricately detailed sleeve, especially the bell sleeved shirt with beautifully bright white floral design from Hilary Radley’s spring collection. It’s a bold way to take an everyday piece to new heights.
  • Delightful details: The little things in life make a big difference, right? Someone smiles at you on the street or your coffee tastes just right and suddenly your day seems brighter. Detailed cuffs do the same thing for your style.

How to Wear It

White out:
Take the white Jag jeans with the ribbon and embroidery embellishment, which feel like a modern take on a classic 70s look. Pair it with your favorite tank top and throw on a denim jacket and you’re good to go. The Jag jeans have a bit of elasticity and their pull on high-rise fit makes for a pair of jeans you can actually feel good in no matter what you had for lunch. In other words, yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.


No-hassle tassels: Try one of our indigo blue jeans with tiny tassels and a whole lot of style. They’ve got long cuffs with a paisley pattern that will take you back to the 90s, though the tassels give it a modern feel. Because the color scheme is simple (blue, white, and black) they go with just about any top.



We look forward to seeing you at Lifestyles of Saratoga – stop in and let us help you rock the cuffed trend! 


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