Only Beekman 1802 and MacKenzie-Childs could come up with a collection as whimsical as it is sensible.

Although they’re both local, the two companies are more than just neighbors. They’ve become creative collaborators, fashioning a line that’s beautiful both inside and out. The Flower Market collection pairs natural Beekman beauty products with the design sensibility of MacKenzie-Childs.

A Fab Collab

Beekman 1802, based in Sharon Springs, is a lifestyle brand bringing a touch of the farm life to the world. Founders Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell (known as the Beekman Boys) make everything from goat milk, to candles to beauty products, using locally-sourced ingredients. They’re also famous for their run on The Amazing Race and their show The Fabulous Beekman Boys.

MacKenzie-Childs, nestled in the sprawling hills of Aurora, is known for a different sort of farming. Their exquisite handmade furniture and home decor; think Alice in Wonderland meets Victorian England, has drawn many to the brand since 1983. Visitors can still stop by their home base, a sprawling mansion on a former dairy farm, to check out the latest designs and get some inspiration for their own homes from the theatrical and quirky home.

“We have long been fans of the whimsical beauty that MacKenzie-Childs brings into the world and the delight that you can see on the faces of their customers,” said Brent, “We particularly love that both of our companies started on upstate New York farms – truly neighbors.”

Together they’ve created a line of fragrances, soaps, lotions and lip balms that put a bit of spark in the everyday.

Why We Love It

Flower power: Their Flower Market scent is inspired by all things spring: fresh notes of sheer jasmine petals and dewy garden leaves with a touch of zesty green citrus. They’re all scents straight from the Beekman’s flower garden.

Petal pusher: The perfume uses essential oils, avoiding the harsher chemicals of regular perfume, leaving your skin feeling (and smelling) better than ever.

Raising the bar: Their bar soap (weighing a hefty 9 oz.) is enough to clean your entire household, no matter how many people you have coming over. It’s made with the Beekman’s vitamin-rich goat milk and features botanical based ingredients. Goat milk is a natural anti-inflammatory, helping with anything from minor swelling to arthritis.

Sensible soap: Wrapped in a bottle you’ll want all your houseguests to see, the Flower Market hand soap gives more than it takes. Removing dirt and germs, the goat milk adds a healthy coating of vitamins and oils to replenish your skin’s moisture. It’s free of sulfate and paraben, making it a kinder soap not only for the environment but for your hands too.

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