When you think Alembika, think fashion freedom. Based in Israel, Alembika is all about creating a style you can feel confident and comfortable in, combining striking silhouettes with funky fabrics. The beautiful draping and luxurious layering of their collections caught our eye earlier this year and we knew we had to bring it into the store (and into our wardrobes).

Why We Love It

Soul (and style) Sisters: Founders Hagar Alembik and Judith Fadlon are cut from different cloths. Hagar is a trained fashion designer, while Fadlon has her PhD in anthropology. Yet, when they founded Alembika in 2005, their backgrounds came together perfectly to create a vision and brand that women across the globe want to stand behind today. From their headquarters in Tel Aviv, the duo capture the zeitgeist of the times, inspired by women who aren’t afraid to make statements and dress in styles all their own.  

Fashion that Fits: We’re not talking solely about the cut. We’re talking about the feeling. As they’re fond of saying at Alembika, “fashion should be therapeutic.” We often get stressed out when shopping because we focus on how fit our bodies are rather than how well the clothes fit. With the loose styles, stunning prints, and weightless fabrics, Alembika’s line is all about creating looks that moves and changes with you.

Timeless with a Twist: Whether it’s draping a fabric or pairing patterns in an unusual way, Alembika isn’t afraid to color well outside the lines. Yet, pieces like the checkered dress feel like an instant classic. Easy to belt or leave free falling, we love pairing it with black tights and a chunky necklace or two.

“I use form, color and texture to create movement and vitality so you can feel comfortable in combinations that reflect personal character and mood. My goal is to keep creating new, yet timeless designs that enable you to walk with confidence, presence and poise,” Hagar Alembik

Save our Style: As we head into the bitter cold months of the year, it’s easy to get lost in the tundra of frumpy, shapeless, and bulky sweater wear. But with Alembika’s fall and winter lines, there’s no such thing as a misstep. Inspired by a trip to Paris, Hagar infuses her signature blend of classic silhouettes with an urban flair.

Try the fluted floral dress on for size. The neutral black and grey colors are meant to mix and match with just about anything: from loud to somber. Start with a simple base layer and black or grey leggings. Pair the dress with your favorite boots and voila! Who said florals are only for spring?

We’ll be getting more Alembika in store in the next few weeks so stop by — we’d love to style you in a look or two. For now, we’ll leave you with the words of Alembika’s co-founder, Hagar:

“We feel that ‘ought to’ belongs to the past. Today in the postmodern world there is no such thing as ‘acceptable’ or ‘unacceptable.’ There is only a multiplicity of choices. Your real power in this new world lies in the opportunity to choose what is right for you.”


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